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Are you ready for our residential Football Camps this Summer holiday?

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Our International Football Camp

With football specific training, other sports, fun team games and language learning, your children are guaranteed to have the time of their lives with us this Summer.

Our Objectives

  • Each player will improve their knowledge of football tactics and skills learning from the Spanish philosophies used by so many famous clubs in Spain.
  • Learn different playing styles by playing with Spanish and French football players.
  • Live together with other boys and girls from Europe in a camp where you all share the same passion for football.
  • Play, learn and have the most amazing week possible.

Technical and Tactical Training

Using lots of technical drills, our Spanish training sessions are designed for players to improve the underlying techniques of football specifically, consistently and at match tempo. Players will be given a complete perspective of tactics to use in their matchplay and will be given a whole understanding of each role and position. Players will both broaden their knowledge of the beautiful game and add Spanish methodologies to their technical background to give them an advantage when returning home.

Psychological and Physical Training

There is so much more to football than having a great ability with the ball. At our GSE camps we teach our players to become leaders on the field to always help their teammates and create maximum enjoyment of the game. GSE also places a great importance on teaching players about the physical components of the game and uses drills to test and improve fitness.

Goalkeeper Training

Our GSE football camp includes a specific goalkeeper training program. Goalkeepers will improve their handling, shot stopping, kicking and one on ones as well as many other skills during the week. Our coaches will work with goalkeepers to make them understand their role in different situations including set pieces, one on ones and counter attacks.

Language Learning

At GSE we pride ourselves in creating enjoyable opportunities to learn another language. Your son or daughter will receive tutoring in Spanish, language activities and games promoting speaking as well as lots of opportunities to practice with native Spanish speakers during the camp.

Night Time Activities

Each evening at our camp, we have a planned group activity to keep your children entertained. Our special events range from movie nights to discos to board game nights.


View our action-packed camp full of amazing opportunities and entertainment.


Not only do we provide transport to our camp from Solihull, we run an hour and a half of ice breaker activities before leaving to the school to make sure your son or daughter gets to know everyone on the trip including our wonderful staff. It is also a great opportunity for parents to meet us so they can rest assured knowing that their kids are in good hands for the week or two. Transport is provided by coach from Solihull Arden Club to the school.

Day Trips

If you are staying with us for both weeks then you will join us and all the international students on our trip to Bristol on the middle weekend. We will explore the city, see the Clifton bridge along with learning about the culture.


Our timetable is full of fun and intense tennis training to keep your children entertained and improving this summer. Each day your child will experience a range of language learning exercises or sport sessions, along with night time activities specially planned for the group. The camp will follow an american style camp with team exercises built to help teamwork and improve many of their skills.


View our amazing facilities full with caring staff ready to make sure your son or daughter has the best time possible.


At Taunton School there are rooms for 1,2,3 or groups of 8 children. If you have a preference then please let us know and we will do our best to cater for your needs.


Taunton School hosts an amazing facility to run a football residential camp. We will use two of their football pitches to provide an amazing and valuable experience for all of our football players. As well as football pitches, the school has other pitches, grass areas, classrooms, school halls in case of bad weather and many other options to allow us to run an amazing camp this summer. Each boarding house has common rooms where children can gather and hang out with their friends.

Caring and Qualified Staff

At GSE the most important thing for us is the safety of your children. All our staff are DBS checked and have completed a safeguarding course. Our tennis coaches are all trained and qualified to ensure your children are in the best hands possible so they can have an amazing and valuable camp experience.

Residential and Day Camp Options

We have a range of option from hosting to residential day camps so that everyone has a chance to experience GSE.

REsidential options

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